Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Collectable Minifig Series 10

An image of the upcoming 10th minifig series has surfaced on the web. In the top right corner you can see one of the 5000 gold minifigs Lego will randomly distribute around the world.

Here are the new names and some of their accessories:

Sea Captain, with seagul and binocular
Sad Clown
Librarian, with book and cup
Grandpa, with newspaper and cup
Bumblebee Girl, with wings and honeypot
Roman Commander, with cape and sword
Warrior Woman, with shield and spear
Decorator, with paintroller
Tomahawk Warrior, with axe
Trendsetter (hipster) with phone and chiwawa
Baseball Fielder, with glove
Revolution Soldier, with long rifle
Motorcycle Mechanic, with tool
Skydiver, with helmet and backpack (parachute)
Paintball Player, with paintball gun and helmet

And of course the Golden Minifig which looks like a gentleman in a suit with a top hat.

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