Monday, 30 January 2012

Burg Stolzenstein

This is a huge Robin Hood layout built by Flickr user "Tnickolaus"

It display's a big part of the fantasy world of Robin Hood.

Tree houses, Robin fighting little John over the river, and lots other cool details can be found in this build.

Check it out on Flickr!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Surfing the wave!

Nothing like a good surf in the summer!

Only its not summer and we are indoors creating MOC's.

This beautiful wave was built by Flickr user "Brickmodified".

The wave is constructed in such a way, with rounds and 1x2's, that it is movable. The wave can curled over to create different wave shapes.

Also there a few brave minifigs having fun on the wave. Although one is off his board.

Check out more on Flickr.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bahamian Rhapsody

Pirates and red coats need a place to call home.This Bahamian Rhapsody seem to be the perfect place for that.

Flickr user "I Scream Clone" built this great harbor scene.

It is filled with all kinds of subtle details, like the monkeys and the buildings.

Check it out on Flickr.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Going Modular!

Here are two very nice modular building built by Flickr user Myko82.

The first one is a corner modular of bank. The brown and orange color combination is beautiful. The details make this a perfect fit in any Lego modular collection!

Check it out on Myko82's Flickr page.

This second moc by Myko82 is a medieval modular. The  front of the building is richly detailed. The minifigs and the light post take this build to the right time period.

Check out more on Myko82's Flickr page.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Sad Night

The pirates are caught by surprise. The natives don't like their presence on the holy grounds.

This Pirate build was created by Flickr user Hardegon.

Hardegon has done a great job of creating a piece of jungle and the natives that live there.

There are lots of cool little details, like the bananas in the trees and the splashing water.

Check out more on Hardegon's Flickr page!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Republic Frigate

This Republic Frigate was built by Flickr and Mocpages user yoshix.

It comes very close to being minifig scale. It is close enough so that the minifigs look really cool standing around it.

It is a work in progress but it looks great already. Check out more on Flickr or Mocpages.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

10224 Town Hall

It is finally here!

The new modular building, Town Hall.

It is the biggest modular so far and it is an impressive one. It comes with 2766 pieces, 535 pieces more than the Fire Brigade.

It is rumored to be released in March.

As for the price......

It is probably going to cost anywhere between 160 to 180 euro's. This because there a lot more pieces in the set.

So start saving everybody!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

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Happy bricking!

The living dead

Zombies are attacking in this Hollywood style movie scene.

Flickr user Lego.Skrytsson has built this scary scene.

The zombies are making a mess of things. The buildings are built beautifully. The rare colors and the wall textures are awesome!

Check it out on Lego.Skrytsson Flickr page.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Gandalf arrives in Hobbiton

This build by Flickr user CaptainFlint gives us a nice preview on what the new LOTR sets might look like.

Gandalf arrives in Hobbiton and we all know about the exiting times to come.

It is a colorful build, with the roses,trees and plants.

And there is a Hobbit fishing.

Check it out on CaptainFlints Flickr page!

The Sleepy Oak

Winter times are still upon us and this is shown in all the beautiful Lego creations in winter styles.

The Sleepy Oak was created by Flickr user Tiberium_blue.

It is a bed and breakfast built for a Eurobricks competition.

The lower walls are created using grey Technic bricks and it works perfectly with the rest of the building.

There is also a full interior which can be viewed from the rear.

Check it out on Tiberium_blue's Flickr page!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Humvee Instructions

New instructions!

The HUMVEE by Legohaulic.

Find it on the Instructions page.

Classic Train Station

First of all, best wishes for 2012 for everybody!

We are starting 2012 good with a beautiful train station built by Flickr user "cjedwards47".

Take a good look at this build because there are tons of details. And you might just find some pieces you will recognize.

I just love the small train on the top of the station. Also the roof is built beautifully.

See more on cjedwards47's Flickr page!