Saturday, 24 March 2012

To the corner and beyond!

This is a corner piece from a Bricks By The Bay 2012 project.

It was created by Flickr user Tigmon74.

The corner building has some kind of hard rock music store on the first floor. And above that there are probably two apartments. In this building Tigmon74 has used a great amount of the new bricks shaped like real bricks pieces.

The other building is half a regular modular building. It has a tattoo shop on the first floor and, like the other building, it has apartments on the other floors. It is not visible on this picture but this building has graffiti on the side facing the alley.

Also the rear of the building is very detailed and fun to see.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Vee Building

This is a great example of modern Lego architecture.

The Vee Building, named for the v shaped roof, was constructed by Flickr user Brickapolis.

Brickapolis has done a great job of bringing modern architecture to Lego. The building has a inside out design. The structural supports are brought to the outside of the building and are visible from the street.

The entire red part of the building is built in SNOT style. This causes all the floors to be perfectly smooth.

The street and the traffic make this a realistic scene.

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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Pumpkin Factory

This is an amazing modular building created by Flickr user RedCoKid.

It is named the Pumpkin Factory, probably after the dark orange colors used in its construction.

Not only does it have beautiful exterior on the inside there is surprise.

This modular building is fitted with a working electric elevator. A small PF motor is installed in the basement of the building. The PF motor rotates an axle fitted with corkscrew parts. When turned the axle then pushes the elevator up or down.

Check out Flickr for more images.

Video of the moving elevator:

The Outpost

It looks like a pink garden from a Friends set. But it is not....

This is a military outpost on a planet far away. It was created by Flickr user Nannan Z.

The pink flowerbed covers all the ground area's. Look closely and you will see that the personal transport vehicle has flattened a portion of the flowerbed.

If you look even closer than that you will something disturbing beneath the flowers....

Check it out on Flickr!

Friday, 9 March 2012

The street

This small piece of cityscape could be found in any major city.

This cityscape was created by Flickr user Eturior. He has done a great job of making it look like a real city.

The elevated railway and the electricity poles make this a realistic city scene. Also the coloring and the little details look really nice.

Check out more on Eturior's Flickr page.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Not many ships pass through Netherbrick but here is one worth mentioning.

This is the flagship Calypso of the famous french explorer of the seas Jacques Cousteau.

This Lego recreation of the ship was built by the Dutch Lego builder Konajra.

The real ship Calypso has gone through many restorations and refits so the Lego adaptation is a combination of its most iconic looks.

There are many different Lego building techniques applied to the Calypso, like the SNOT hull and deck.

Also the helicopter and the submarine are nicely built and very detailed.

Check out more on Konajra's Flickr photostream!