Monday, 14 January 2013

Star Wars: The Old and the New!

Today on "Star Wars: The Old and the New!" I will show you all the different A-wing sets.

In 2000 Lego released the first A-wing, set number 7134. The Star Wars sets from that time are all very brickish looking. There are very few curves.

This set came with two minifigs, a pilot and mechanic. This set consists of 125 pieces.

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In 2006 the second A-wing was released, set number 6207. This set is quit similar to the old one.

It also has two minifigs, but the piece count is a bit higher. This set contains 194 pieces.

This set features a lot more detail and looks a lot more like the A-wing from the movie.

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The third A-wing Lego released in 2009 is part of a much bigger play set. 

The Home One Mon Calimari Star Cruiser set number 7754.

This set was a limited edition exclusive for Toy's R Us. On the A-wing the red is replaced for dark green.

This set contains 6 minifigs and 789 pieces.

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And here we have the most recent A-wing set. The 75003 released in 2013.

This set contains three minifigs and 177 pieces.

It also features the finger fired missiles on both sides. The old pilot helmet is replaced by a new, more movie accurate, helmet without visor.

Check it out on Brickset.

Hope you enjoyed this review of the A-wing sets. I will try to get a new "Star Wars: The Old and the New!" out soon!

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