Friday, 21 December 2012

Cuusoo Summer Review Results!

Finally the Lego Cuusoo team has released the results of the summer review!

It is great to hear that the Back to the Future DeLorean time machine has made it trough the review. The final model is expected to become available mid 2013.

Unfortunately the rest of the projects have not passed the review.

Here is why:

Eve Online ships
The business case was considered to challenging.

Modular Western Town
Is conflicting with an ongoing project at Lego. (the don't say which project but we can assume it is the new Lone Rangers Theme).

The Legend of Zelda
Too many new molds would have to be made for this theme. This would require an investment that is not within the boundaries of a Cuusoo product. They do note that when a project does note pass the review it does not mean there could not be similar projects in the future.

Check out the review video on Cuusoo!

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