Sunday, 21 October 2012

New sets 2013

Several new sets have shown up on the internet in the past weeks. Here is an overview of what is to come in 2013!

The new Chima theme, to replace Ninjago. It seems that the theme and its sets resemble animals. It looks just as playable as the Ninjage theme. Also the minifigs look like animals. This should make the animal loving Afols very happy.

The Super Heroes theme continues in 2013 and these are some of the new sets. Several new heroes and villains make their appearance, like Aquaman. Also there is a Tumbler in the Batman set. It is expected that there will be several Avengers and/or Ironman 3 sets released in 2013.

Star Wars is still going strong in 2013. A new A-Wing set will be released, this is the fourth A-wing to date. The Rancor Pitt expansion to Jabba's Palace looks great and makes a fun addition. Besides several Clone Wars sets there is also a new Old Republic set.

Also in the Star Wars theme the Planets Series is expanded. Series 3 and 4 will be released in 2013. This time one of the sets is an asteroid belt instead of a planet. And there is also a droid instead of a minifig.

These are some of the sets that will be released in 2013. Of course there will be new sets in other themes as well.

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