Thursday, 19 April 2012


With the new Spider-Man movie coming to theaters soon, we now have a truly awesome Spider-Man Lego creation.

This is a scene, created by Mocpages and Flickr user "Mr. Xenomurphy", of a battle between the Green Goblin and Spider-Man.

Spider-Man and the Green Goblin are both suspended in a creative way. Spider-Man is hanging from his spiderweb and the Green Goblin is situated on the smoke from his flight device.

The explosion of the car is a real thing of beauty. The use of red, orange and yellow pieces is just perfect.

The building is a beautiful Lego creation in itself. There are a watertower and what looks like an airconditioning system. The front of the building is full of details like, the fire escapes, the brick textures and the garage doors on the first floor. Also there is some graffiti on the first floor walls. Look closely and you will find the graffiti artist.

Check out more on Flickr and Mocpages.

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