Thursday, 21 July 2011

Golden Oldie: Metroliner

In Golden Oldies I will be reviewing old Lego sets.

Today, the Metroliner!

The Metroliner was released in 1991, the 9v era, and became an instant classic.

The three wagons form a standard passenger train with both front and rear facing steering compartments. One of the two end wagons contains an engine compartment and the other contains a bar for drinks.

11 Minifigs where included in the set, this is well above the Lego average, mostly passengers and three railway employees.

The only track side element is the small station/platform. The set also includes two bicycles.

In 2001 Lego re-released this set as a Lego Legend due to its popularity, setnr: 10001.

Now the set is only available on the second hand market, ebay etc... There are still some unopened sets on the market but they are priced well over €500. Used sets change hands at a price of €150.

I consider myself lucky to have two of these sets, they did not come cheap.

I hope you enjoy this Golden Oldie. Check out the Brickset page for more info.

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